The Riot Letter (Sent 12/14/22)

Rough Summary:

Arcane was pretty good. Project L looks great. I don't like MOBAs so please put the characters I think are cool into other things, or at least make a statue or figure or something, please.
Also here's a drawing of the character I like the most. He's very cool, please consider using him in things other than League.

The Sega Letter (Sent 12/09/22)

Rough Summary:

Something something I'm a large fan of Puyo Puyo, something something please consider making an actual Puyo game or a remaster of the Fever titles. Big fan, please give my regards to Hideyuki Takenami and Shoko Ninomiya. Here's a drawing of my favorite Puyo character.

PS: Please let Takenobu Mitsuyoshi sing in more games.

The Splatoon Letter (Sent 07/29/22 | Response Receieved 10/17/22)

Rough Summary:

Big fan, inspired by Splatoon 3's character design work and the work of illustrators involved. Requested for Jibb Smart's Flick Stick system to be added to Splatoon 3's gyro functionality, as well as the removal of the twitter requirements for Splatnet art posting. Specifically cited Fortnite's implementation of the gyro stuff as I've heard it's quite good, though I don't play Fortnite personally. Also included a rough drawing of an inkling. As an aside, this letter was what started this hobby, and was done as a bit; I was talking to my friends about Splatoon and as one of them lamented the lack of mouse control (or improved Gyro control) I made the joke that I could pull a "my dad" and send in a physical letter.



This is probably a template letter of sorts, judging by the other fanmail responses I've seen. The "small item" included was a double-sided cardstock bookmark, printed with a render of Bowser on one side, and Wario on the other. The Bowser render is this render that appears to be a remake of a render from NSMBWii (Although the one on the bookmark is cropped slightly lower than that image), and the Wario render is this render from Mario Party: The Top 100.